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問 : 入數後,需要通知你們嗎?


Q :   Need to inform after payment is made?


答:匯款後請務必短訊或whatsapp 告知,並在入數紙內填上【姓名】、【聯絡人電話】、【住房日期】、【住宿人數】,以便確認。

A:Please photo your receipt and Whatsapp / Wechat to us with your name, mobile number, booking date and number of the person.


問 : 我可以當天付款入營嗎?

Q:Can I reserve a caravan on the date?

答:如果有位, 可以, 但要在當天下午16:00前入營, 支付現金。

A:Yes, if there is any caravan available on that day. Check-in time must be before 16:00 and need to be paid by cash.


問:入營時, 要付按金嗎?

Q: Need any deposit upon check-in?

答:入營時, 需繳付現金按金HK$1000正,如退場時沒有任何損壞, 地方乾淨,本公司會全數歸還。

A:The hirer shall also pay an HK$1000 refundable security bond. This bond is fully refundable at the end of the hire period. JK Club reserve the right to withhold some or the entire bond and /or bill the hirer for the additional cost of a) replacing and/or repairing all damage b) all breakages c) charge for cleaning the caravan or removing stains or replacing as new. All breakages, damage, and stains within the caravan must be paid for!



Q: What is the check-in and check-out time?


A:  Check-in time is at 16:00 and check-out time is no later than 12:00 on the next day.



Q: Can I extend the check-out time of using the caravan?

答:可以,但要視乎露營車有否被預訂而定。如可以, 每小時要額外收取10%。如果只需要放行李, 可以免費放在行李處。

A:Yes but with conditions. It depends on whether the caravan has been reserved by other peoples. If no one reserve, you can extend it with an extra charge of 10% for every hour. If you just want to keep your baggage, you can keep it in the baggage storage place with FREE of charge.



Q: Any place that we can keep our baggage if we arrive the site earlier or leave the site later than the check-out time?


A:  Yes, baggage can be kept in the baggage storage area.



Q: Is there any car park space?

答:沒有。附近到處可以停泊車輛, 但要留意, 不要防礙其他車輛出入。還有, 這裡需要有禁區紙, 才能進來, 記住要事先申請。

A:  No, you can only park your vehicle in the nearby area but need to be cautious not to block other vehicles. In addition, driving your own vehicle require a permit in south Lantau, please make sure you apply it before you come over.



Q:What happens if the weather

答:a. 如入營當天發出一號、三號颱風信號或黃色暴雨信號,相關營車之入營安排將如常進行。
b. 如入營當天發出八號或以上颱風信號、紅雨或黑色暴雨警告,所有活動將取消,客戶可安排更改至60天內的其他同等價值之日期,惟須於7天內回覆更改之入住日期。

a. In the event of a Tropical Cyclone Signal No. 1/No.3 or yellow/red rainstorm warning being issued on the day of arrival, the reservation will remain effective as usual.
b. All activities will be canceled if typhoon signal no. 8 or above, red or black rainstorm warning is issued on the day of arrival, and you may arrange for a change to another date of same value within 60 days. Guests must inform Holimood about the arrangement within 7 days.



Q: Can I bring our own food?


小心進食,退還露營車前,必須自行清潔好,如果太骯臟,需付另付$500清潔費, 如果污積不能清潔本公司有權要求作出賠償

A:We offer difference meal package from our restaurant, you can bring your own snacks or cup noodles, we have kettle and fridge inside the caravan. All refuse or litter is to be deposited in the refuse bins provided and the area surrounding the caravan is to be kept in a clean and tidy condition. A ‘Cleaning & Damage’ deposit of HK$500 cash is payable upon arrival. If the caravan is found to be in reasonable condition at the time of your departure a full refund will be issued.


問:我可以自攜BBQ 食物嗎?

答:我們有升級BBQ套餐,已包爐、炭。自攜也可以, 不過需付租爐費$200,包括一包炭及開爐,額外買炭為$40/包。離營前,所有食具及爐具必須自行清潔好,否則需付$500 清潔費。

A:We have the selection of upgrading the meal the BBQ set which already includes stove, charcoal. However, if you prefer to bring your own food, there will be a charge of HKD200 for renting the stove that already includes one pack of charcoal. Extra charcoal will be charged at HKD50 each. Please ensure you leave the caravan with dishes washed and put away and all rubbish in the allocated rubbish bin outside your caravan. A cleaning fee of $500 will be charged if it is found to be in an unreasonable condition. 



Q:can I introduce our friends to barbecue night?

答:額外朋友須要訂燒烤包, 11pm前離開營地。

A: Yes, you have to order extra BBQ pack your friend, and they must leave the park before 11pm



Q:Can I smoke


A:Smoking is NOT permitted in the caravan but ashtrays are provided for outside use only.



Q:Pets Allowed?


 A:pets are allowed on the floor only.



答:環保及衛生問題, 請自備盥洗用具;毛巾、牙刷、牙膏、刮鬍刀、梳子、沐浴用品等。小賣部也有售。

A:In order to comply with the environmental policy, guests need to bring their own toiletries; toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, combs, bath products as well as other necessary items.



Q:Is there any heater and hot shower supply inside the caravan?


A:Yes there is an electric heater and if you shower you can turn on electric and this will heat instantly a good flow should be about 8 to 10 liters.



Q:Can I watch TV inside the Caravan


A:Sorry not, we do not install TV inside the caravan



Q:What do you mean by extra head payment?

答:每款露營車的「可容納人數」為人數上限。超過人數, 可以另外租帳營。

A:Our caravan only allows 4 to 5 person sleep, if you have extra person staying overnight, you can hire our Tent.


問:我家小朋友要在外面睡, 又或者, 我們是2家人, 小朋友要在外面一起睡, 怎辦好?

Q:can our children use your tent outside the caravan?


A:Yes if your party number within the limit, we will put a tent for you free of charge.



Q:is there any attractions nearby the site?

答:附近有多條行山路線, 有貝澳海灘、濕地水牛、酵素生態農場、園藝嘉園藝中心、天后宮……等等、可向營長查詢。

A:With a charming local area to explore, JK Club is a great base from which to really see the best of the south coast of Lantau Island. Its location offers you the best of both worlds - discover miles of glorious Pui O beach, or visit the busy towns of Mui Wo and Tai O Village that are just waiting to be explored.

While you're here you have to head to Lantau Hiking Trails, the Jurassic Coast's breathtaking natural wonder and most photographed landmark. This natural limestone trail is simply stunning and is the perfect backdrop for a great photo. Or why not explore the Chi Ma Wan Park Forest? Accessible by foot or bicycle, it's a tranquil place to escape to whilst on holiday. Please ask our staff for more details.























Is there any pubs/restaurants Q:in walking distance from the site?


答 : 有,你可以去我們的JK Club酒吧或新輝茶室


A :    Yes our Garden Café Restaurant & JK Club Bar just opposite road in walking distance.



Q:What do you sell in the Kiosks?


A:you can buy drinks, toys, toiletries, barbecue charcoal…


問:我從未住過露營車, 容易用嗎?

Q:I never sleep in a caravan before, is it easy to handle?

答:在外國、露營車又叫流動的家, 它的設計是方便拖着四圍走,所以, 所有可以開關的如門、窗、雪柜等, 都與正常摟宇內的不同, 使用前一定要看清楚使用手則, 不要勉強開, 可以找營長了解如何用。

A:Our British design caravans are very easy to handle, look through the manual or please ask a member of staff if you have any problem, like unlock the window gently from the bottom, then pulling the window from the outside is much easier.




問 : 我想訂車, 應該如何做?


Q :   How to book JK Club caravan?

答: 1. 要先成為金駿會的會員, 入會表格可以在www.jkgroup.com.hk/club member下截, 填妥後whatsapp到【+852 6097 0122】

      2. 成為會員後, 可瀏灠: www.jkclub.com.hk查看是否有位

      3. 然後致電【+852 2984 2233】或whatsapp或wechat【+852 6097 0122】或電子郵件【ilantau@gmail.com】 確認

      4. 確認後, 請於3日內全額匯款。若於保留時間內未收到匯款則將取消預訂,並且不另行通知。

A:1. Need to register to become a member of JK club. The application form can be downloaded from this link              www.jkgroup.com.hk/club. The form can be sent to the Whatsapp chat under this number 【+852 6097 0122】

2. Once became a member, you can browse our website www.jkclub.com.hk to check the caravan availability.

3. Caravan can be reserved through the use of Phone Call 【+852 2984 2233】, Whatsapp, WeChat 【+852 6097 0122】or Email 【ilantau@gmail.com】 for booking confirmation.

4. Payment must be made within 3 days once the booking is confirmed. Reservation will be canceled automatically without any notice if payment is not received within the said period of time.



Q:What is JK Club?

答:   金駿會是金駿集團為了讓本地和外來的顧客對大嶼山更有歸屬感而成立的會。我們的理念及願景是希望讓多些城市人了解和享受大自然,

讓他們知道,在繁榮的香港,也有可以優閒的樂土。我們有自己的會所、餐廳、農埸、園藝中心及營地,, 想了解我們多點, 請瀏覽我們的網站: www.jkgroup.com.hk

A:JK Club is managed by JK Group Limited, with access to our camping ground, garden center, restaurant and Vegetable farm. As a team of holiday letting experts, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver a truly first class service for all of our Hong Kong citizens and overseas visitors. If you're looking for a chance to escape from the daily bustle of Hong Kong city life, then we'd recommend you take a trip to us, explore the natural spaces on and around the beautiful Pui O. We seeks to deepen understanding, awareness and connection with nature as well as build a naturalist community at South Lantau Island.
Check out the JK Club's website www.jkclub.com.hk for upcoming events and booking, or send an email to admin@jkclub.com.hk for more information.



Q:How to pay?

答:可入款至香港上海滙豐銀行、178-852190-838、JK Group Ltd


A:Money transfer to Hong Kong HSBC bank 、178-852190-838、JK Group Ltd

www.jkclub.com.hkor make a payment through our website:






























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